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Salix Farm Turkeys, a family run free-range turkey farm in the village of Great Sampford, Essex, started in 1955 with just 50 turkeys. Today they rear 3,500 free-range birds for Christmas. Salix Farm Turkeys are reared in open sided-barns on straw bedding, given access to natural vegetation in spacious open-air paddocks during the day, fed high-quality feed containing at least 70% cereals with no animal protein and never given antibiotics or other additives for growth promotion. Finally, they are dry plucked by hand to keep the meat in the best condition and hung for at least seven days to develop a depth of flavour and excellent moisture retention during cooking. All this makes for the best turkey it is possible to buy!


Salix Farm turkeys start at 4-5kg and go up to around 15kg Roughly, allow 500g for each healthy appetite you’re cooking for. Salix Farm’s turkeys cost £17 per kg for under 5kg birds, £16 per kg between 5-7kg and £15 per kg between 7-10kg and £14 per kg over 10kg.

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A massive turkey isn’t practical for many people, so we also offer a turkey rolls which we make by rolling free-range turkey breast stuffed with our handmade pork, sage and onion stuffing and topped with smoked dry-cure streaky bacon.


To be generous, allow around 300g per person (you can go up to 4kg). Our turkey breast rolls are £12 per kg.

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We cherry pick beef from the best pedigree native-breed cattle our farmers have available. They’re then dry-aged for around four weeks and finally prepared by our butchers so they look beautiful and carve easily. As always, our cattle are reared using traditional extensive farming methods on natural diets (mainly grass with a little grain occasionally to get the perfect fat cover).


A rib of beef (essentially an on-the-bone ribeye) is traditional at Christmas and costs £30 per kg, starting at about 2kg. If you would like something without a bone, smaller or more modestly priced, we have plenty of alternatives and one of our butchers would be happy to advise you.

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At Broomhill Farm near Shrewsbury, Jenny and William Bisbourne raise 1,600 geese per year in their 14-acre paddock, where the geese have access to open water and lots of grass.


Goose makes for an impressive alternative to turkey but do keep in mind they’ll have less meat to bone in comparison when calculating how much you’ll need – allow around 750g per healthy appetite. Brookhill Farm free-range geese are £18 per kg.

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Cheshire Oak is a family-run producer of bacon and gammons. They use the finest quality pork and cure it using their own unique recipe. You can have a whole gammon (which comes in at around 4-5kg), a half or a quarter. If it’s your

Christmas lunch centerpiece, then allow around 250-300g per person. If it’s a side to your meal (and a source of ham sandwiches for days afterwards!) then go with your gut feeling on size. Cheshire Oak’s gammon are £14 per kg.

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A delicious alternative if you’re looking for a smaller centre- piece, we offer free-range ducks from Creedy Carver

in Devon. Ducks are reared free-range and feed on top quality feed.


Creedy Carver’s small ducks weigh in around 1.5-2kg and will serve 2-3 people, their larger birds are around 2.5kg and serve 4-6 people. Creedy Carver’s ducks are £10 per kg.

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An increasingly popular alternative to small turkeys is a top-quality chicken or cockerel. At Christmas we supply Hubbard x Coloured Yield cockerels from Broomhill Farm and our ever-popular chickens from Highbury Poultry. Chickens weigh between 1.5-2.5kg and cockerel between 3-4.5kg. You should allow 750g of meat per person. Our Christmas chickens are £8 per kg and our cockerels are £12 per kg.

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Should you want to break with tradition, we can source all manner of meats for your Christmas dinner – from suckling pigs to partridge. Just ask and we will arrange. If it is something particularly unusual, please allow as much time as possible.

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Ladywell sausage meat - £10 per kg

Pigs in blankets - 85p each

Pork, sage and onion stuffing - £10 per kg
Haggis and whiskey stuffing - £15 per kg
Chipolatas - £10 per kg
Smoked streaky bacon - £20 per kg
Cranberry or horseradish sauces - £2.50 per jar

Chicken, turkey or beef gravy or stock - £2.85 per jar

Bread sauce mix - £1.75 per pack

Goose fat - £2.35 per jar
Duck fat - £3.50 per jar

Place your order by calling 0208 690 0081, emailing or visiting 107 Ladywell Road, SE13 7JA. 

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Heckstall & Smith, 107 Ladywell Rd, London SE13 7JA

020 8690 0081

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